Hi there!  If you’re even vaguely considering purchasing artwork by David DeVary, but are on the fence, here’s my big attempt to convince you.  So, it’s my job to prove to you that David is an exceedingly talented artist and it’s your job to see if you can relate to David’s artwork.  Deal?

David DeVary was born in Illinois.  To some this might seem like a strange birthplace for one of today’s most poignant artistic chroniclers of the icons of the new West.   However, the fact is, this puts him in good company; Both Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickock also drew their first breath in the Prairie State.  While DeVary may have little else in common with these Old West luminaries, his art builds on the Western mystique inspired by the exploits of these legendary figures. 

The American West has long represented core values such as freedom, independence, honor, and equal opportunity to many people around the world.  Western books, movies and TV shows were often the vehicle for moral lessons, with the good guy usually winning the day, and the girl to boot.  These ideas, and the beautiful landscapes throughout the West, have drawn millions to the region - as permanent residents, vacation homeowners, or gawking tourists.  This influx of new Westerners has brought significant changes to the region, as well as mounting problems, yet the romantic Western ideal is still as strongly resonant as it has ever been.  Combining contemporary Western imagery with art techniques dating from the Renaissance, David DeVary seeks to provide his own commentary on those who he deems the embodiment of today’s Western attitude.

In our increasingly complicated society, DeVary’s imagery seeks to transport us to a place where the idealized Western myth still exists and water shortages are of no concern.

Combined with the popularity of Western movies, television, pulp fiction and other mass media, the Marlboro Man had made the cowboy a powerful international symbol of America.   David says admiringly, “The Marlboro Man created a space, the West, a mythical space. Men sitting in stupid, cramped up offices would look at this big ad and transport themselves.  It’s always been an ideal, an icon, nothing to do with reality, but how it should be.”  David decided to follow the Marlboro Man’s lead and create his own mythical Western spaces and faces through his art, continuing to transport us where we readily seek to go.

As he continues to experiment with new techniques, media and subjects, David DeVary provides a running commentary on the modern West of both fact and fiction.  His images remind us of why we love the West, as a real place, and a daydream destination.  He offers hope that when we travel the West, via motorcycle or delusion, we will encounter the cowboys and cowgirls that inhabit his paintings, or perhaps find our own Guardian Angel.  Meanwhile, David will continue to live out one of his favorite sayings, borrowed from artist Larry Rivers, “You do what you love, and people buy it, what could be better than that.” 

What, indeed?

What People Are Saying:

     -       David DeVary as good as it gets. World talent & world class.

     -       Love all of his art work. Would love another for Christmas!!

     -       Your art is fabulous! I am a fan!

     -       After opening the giclee I ordered – I jumped up and down – literally!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

     -       My favorite artist strikes again... Love this painting..."Born Wild"

     -       Proud of my David DeVary’s!!  Everyone loves them!

     -       Love DeVary’s art.  So beautiful.  Met David in Sedona and he is as cool as he is talented.

So, have I convinced you?  Believe me - David is extremely talented and his artwork exquisite!  Go on.  Go ahead.  Meet David’s cowgirls and cowboys.  And enjoy them.   


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