Upcoming Shows

10th Annual Cowboys and Indians Show

Oct 01, 2014 - Oct 31, 2014                     GOLDENSTEIN GALLERY; 70 Dry Creek Road; Sedona, AZ  86336    928-204-1765

David DeVary will be available at the gallery October 3, 4 and 5th

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David DeVary's extraordinary series "Cowboys and Cowgirls with Attitude" features paintings that are desired and commissioned by collectors internationally.  DeVary sees the Western cowboy and cowgirl as American icons and paints them as such using gold, silver or copper leaf, much like the icon painters of old. He says "I'm not painting history; rather, I'm trying to capture the feeling, strength or confidence of the American West. Like the traditional Western artist, I'm fascinated with this romanticized, idealistic West."  Linda Goldenstein explains "In addition to collecting David's wonderful paintings in the gallery, some of our collectors have become a DeVary cowboy or cowgirl by commissioning a portrait by David. It is a wonderful experience resulting in a remarkable and personal work of art to be enjoyed today and passed through the generations."

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